White fillings can return a tooth to its' natural beauty, but if you wait too long, bigger cavities might require a root canal, crown or implant.

If you have strong will and determination, save the 79¢ from the soda and drink water instead to save thousands of dollars in dental work. Nice return on investment for all you Business majors!!!
But for all you type A's that NEED caffeine, try one of these ideas:
  • Black coffee...not really so bad as you think...start with Folger's Hazelnut- not so acidy and has a lovely flavor hot or cold.

  • Tea...nothing added. Sorry, no honey, no lemon, no stevia

  • If you must have a soda, drink it quickly with a meal- but no more than one a day.

  • Then there is cheating. Penguin mints come in cinnamon, peppermint and chocolate mint. Three mints equals a soda.

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